Our Mission Statement

Foot Well’s Mission is to provide Foot Pain Relief, “period.” We will always strive to find the best solution for the customer even if it means sending you elsewhere. Foot Well’s caring and knowledgeable employees are professionally trained so that you can feel confident that you’ve come to the right place for relief. Our slogan is true, “Foot Well, your feet are going to love You”

Who We Are

Foot Well is a professional retail store dedicated to providing foot pain relief.  Why are we the leader in foot pain relief?  All of our floor personnel are professionally trained by a Certified Pedorthist who specializes in foot devices and appliances.  No other store is more dedicated to relieving your foot pain than Foot Well.  Foot Well’s caring and knowledgeable staff understand foot pain and only Foot Well has its own brand of proprietary custom designed arch support appliances best suited for you.  If you are having foot pain, fatigue, and are looking for true relief then stop by or call for an appointment.